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That was great! Now what?

August 6, 2011

Like many school divisions across America, mine is just coming off of our two day fall leadership retreat.  That was great!  Now what?

We were fortunate enough to be able to bring teacher leaders, principals, and central office leaders together with Peter H. Reynolds on Wednesday.  The overall response to the day was, “that was GREAT!”  Teachers and principals alike loved Peter’s message and his stories. He is clearly on a mission!  But, what will I do differently as a leader because of my time with Peter and the rest of our leadership team?

How will I act differently the next time I see a kid with an empty piece of paper or a colleague who appears at first glance to have not done his or her job?

What kind of feedback will I give and how will I push the next person I encounter who says, “I just can’t…”?

How will I solicit personal commitment and ownership from myself and those around me?  How will I demonstrate my own personal commitment?  How will I own my own work?

What will I chose to frame in “swirly gold”?

How will I bring out the best in the people around me?

How will I simultaneously foster experimentation and confidence building?

How will I move beyond “That was great!”?  

Now what?